Members of County Assembly

Hon. Amina Kale Loo 


MCA – Nominated

Chair - Education, Youth Affairs, Sports And Culture Committee

Hon. Anthony Njomo Maina

(Farmers Party)

Minority Whip

MCA – Bahari Ward

Chair - County Public Investments And Accounts Committee

Hon. Edith Wakuthii Munyui


MCA – Nominated

Vice Chair - Finance And Planning Committee


Hon. Mohamed Delo Nurusa


MCA- Basuba Ward

Chair - Implementation Committee

Hon. Monica Njambi Kirunyu


MCA – Nominated

Vice Chair - Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock And Co-Operative Development

Hon. Muthoni Monica Marubu


MCS - Nominated

Vice Chair - County Budget And Appropriation Committee

Hon. Omar M.S Lali


MCA - Kiunga Ward

Chair - Budget And Appropriations Committee

Hon. Paul Kimani Njuguna


Minority Leader 

Chair - Assembly Affairs And Catering Committee


Hon. Abbas Famau Nagi

(Farmers Party)

MCA – Faza ward

Chair - Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock, and Co-op Development 

Hon. James Njuguna Komu Janko


MCA - Hongwe Ward 

Chair - Inter Governmental And Public Services

Hon. Abdu Kassim Ahmed 


Leader of Majority

MCA – Hindi Ward

Chair - Finance and Planning Committee



Hon. Khadija Hamid (ND)

MCA- Nominated

Vice Chair - Health, Social Services And Environment


Hon. Athman Mohamed Amin


MCA - Witu Ward 

Chair - Health, Social Services And Environment

Hon. Ali Bakari  Mohamed


MCA - Mkomani Ward 

Chair - Committee on Delegated County Legislation 


Hon. Zahara Shee Mohamed


Majority Whip

MCA - Nominated  

Vice Chair - Assembly Procedure and Rules Committee