Office Of The Speaker

The Speaker, Hon. Mohamed Hashim Salim, was unanimously elected by the Members to head the Legislative pillar of the Lamu County Government. Hon. Mohamed Hashim is a seasoned politician who served in the 8th Parliament (1997-2002). The Speaker brings to the speakership position a wealth of parliamentary working experience after having served as a chairperson of a parliamentary committee prior to being appointed to the cabinet. He served as an Assistant Minister for Trade & Industry and of Local Government.  

As the Speaker he has been able to ensure Members of the Assembly participate in House business fittingly.

The Legislature is the representative legislative body of the People of Lamu and it works best when constituents contribute to the process. Lamu has one of the most diverse County Assemblies in republic  – with nine (9) political parties being represented,  40% (forty-percent) Female Members and Persons with Disabilities and youth also being well represented above the national average.  Members work very hard to ensure that the voices of our communities are heard and considered. The Speaker has been able to steer the Assembly to the high heights of

The Speaker notes: “For efficient service delivery to our people I always ensure that the Assembly performs its core functions effectively - that of representation, legislation and oversight over the executive. Additionally, I strive to make the Assembly accessible and transparent in conformity with public participation provision as anchored in our supreme law”.

As public servants I invite the general public to monitor the work of the Assembly, get to know your representatives and lawmakers, find out more information about pending legislations, laws that have been enacted and the current Business on the Floor of the Assembly.


· Chairperson of the County Assembly Service Board

· Controlling  the proceedings in the County Assembly and  giving direction to County Assembly committees

· Disciplining Members of County Assembly for misconduct in the County Assembly.

· Giving members of County Assembly the chance to contribute towards Assembly debate where he ensures that the minorities are given a fair hearing before the will of the majority prevails.

· Issuing orders and making rules for the regulation of visitors to the County Assembly precincts and represent County in its relation with other County


·       .  Chairs County Assembly sittings and maintain the Attendance Register