Legislative Department


The Department is composed of the following three (3) Bureaus and two (2) Units:-

· Bureau of Legislative Procedures

· Bureau of Committee Services

· Research Services Unit

· Legal Services Unit

· Hansard Recording Unit 

The mandates of the 2 Bureaus/Units:-


Bureau of Legislative Procedures (BLP)

The mandate of the Bureau of Legislative Procedures includes legislative matters, provision of administrative and procedural support to the Assembly by:-

· Marshaling of published Bills, Motions and Sessional Papers,

· Preparation and processing of weekly programme of Business, Order Papers, Votes and Proceedings of the County Assembly,

· Provision of professional advice to the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, majority Leader, Minority Leader, Honourable Members and Staff on Parliamentary procedure, tradition, practice, convention and etiquette.

· Facilitating public participation in Legislative process including responding to inquiries from members, staff, the public and other Legislative bodies,

· Distributing copies of draft legislations and other Assembly papers to Members,

· Attending to specific Chamber  duties


Bureau of Committee Services (BCS)

The mandate of the Bureau of Committee Services includes:-

· Advising the Committees on procedural matters;

· Compiling and keeping minutes of the Committee proceedings;

Ensuring custody of all papers, books, records and other documentary evidence  produced by the Committees;

· Preparing and circulating the agenda Committee meetings to the Members;

· Organizing and facilitating the attendance of witness to Committee meetings

· Organizing Committee meetings both within the Precincts of the County Assembly and elsewhere;

· Organizing Committee trips and inspection tours

· Preparing Committee budgets

· Compiling Committee reports and facilitating their tabling and adoption by the Assembly.


Research Services Unit (RSU)

The Research Services Unit is the custodian and reservoir of information resources critical in supporting Members of the County Assembly in their legislative representation and oversight roles. The Unit consists of the following two (2) sections:-

. Assembly Library Services

. Assembly Research Services


 Assembly Library Services

The Assembly Library Services shall provide Members of the County Assembly, staff and the public by extension, with the relevant information resources and reprographic services and act as County Assembly’s main reference point and keeping custody and archiving all County Assembly journals and records.

Assembly Research Services

The Assembly Research Services works for the Members of the County Assembly and staff in providing policy analysis to Committee and Members of the County Assembly regardless of the party affiliations.


Legal Services Unit (LSU)

The Legal Services Unit is the office of the County Assembly charged with the responsibility of handling all legal matters arising in the Assembly.

Key functions of the Unit include the following:-

· Drafting Bills and Committee stage amendment to Bills;

· Rendering legal advice to Speaker, the Clerk and CASB, the various Bureaus, Divisions, Departments and Members of the County Assembly on various issues concerning Assembly legislative and       administrative work;

· Advising on Bills and assisting Committees and Members to scrutinize Bills and draft proposed amendments to Bills;

· Serving as Speaker’s Counsel and in this capacity act as Legal Counsel to the Speaker in respect of all official aspects of the Speaker’s office;

· Carrying out legal research on assorted legal and procedural matters;

· Advising Committees, writing legal opinion, briefs and memoranda for use by Committees and Assembly’s Departments and Bureaus.


Hansard Recording Unit (HRU)

The Hansard Recording Unit is charged with the responsibility of recording and publishing reports of all proceedings of the Assembly. In addition it provides verbatim reports of Committees’ proceedings to Members of the County Assembly, Assembly Officials and the Assembly Library.