Administrative Services Department

The department will be responsible for supervision and providing strategic direction to office support services, public affairs and media relations, printing and audio recording, catering services and maintenance services to enable the Assembly fulfill its mission.

The Department will be composed of the following three (3) Units:-

· General Support Services

· Public Affairs Unit

· Public Participation

· Ward Offices Administration

· Human Resources Management Unit


The mandates and functions of the Units;

General Support Services Unit

The Unit will be composed of the following three (3) Sections:-

a. Office Support Services

b. Maintenance Support Services

c. Catering Support Services

d. Printing and Audio Recording

e. ICT Services


Office Support Services

The Office Support and Maintenance Services Section provides efficient and effective office services such as,

· Registry,

· Transport,

· Cleaning and

· Messengerial duties to Members of the County Assembly and staff.

Maintenance Support Services

· Maintenance of buildings, gardens and minor repair work,

· Refurbishment and alterations of buildings

· Planning coordination and implementation of CASB projects

· Liaison with project consultants

· Replacement and servicing of equipment

· Ensuring continuous flow of water and power in all the Assembly buildings

Catering Support Services

The Catering Support Services Section when fully operational will be to prepare and serve food and beverages to Members of County Assembly, their guests and senior staff of the County Assembly.

Printing and Audio Recording

The Printing and Audio Recording Section’s core function is to provide quality printing services to the County Assembly promptly, while ensuring that secrecy, urgency and accuracy is maintained on all documents. The Audio Recording Section as part of the Hansard Department is to facilitate Committee proceedings, store audio documentation, dissemination and digitization of the system.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) Services

The Information Communication Technology (ICT) Services Section needs to be service oriented and ICT is a tool to increase efficiency, reliability and accuracy in processing, storing and dissemination of information with services cutting across all Departments in the County Assembly.


Public Affairs Unit

The Public Affairs Unit is made up with the following Sections,

a. Media Relations

b. Protocol

Media Relations Section

The Media Relations through its Protocol, Public Communications and Outreach Programmes will seek to improve the public image of the County Assembly. The Unit will also act as a go-between Assembly and the media fraternity and the general public – the objective being to ensure that the image of the Assembly is safeguarded by sifting and passing the relevant information regarding the going-on in the Assembly to the public.


Public Participation Unit

In the constitutional dispensation public participation in the governance is in anchored in the Constitution of Kenya and other legislations. A Unit with the sole responsibility to focus in organizing Public participation and also ensuring Assembly’s compliance of the constitutional provisions on public participation on all the Bills and committee meetings. 


Ward Offices’ Administration

Ward Offices once fully operational need to be service delivery oriented not only to the individual respective Members but also the Assembly and the community in general. - Policy Paper PP010/10/2014.


Human Resources Management Unit (HRM)

The mandate of the Human Resource Management Unit is to provide strategic leadership and guidance in human resource management and development and the management of the medical scheme by providing prompt services to enable the Assembly fulfills its mission.

The Unit provides the following services:


·  Co-ordination of HR activities in such areas as recruitment, appointment, promotion of staff, general staff placement, discipline, grievances and counseling;

·  Management of payroll for the County Assembly;

·  Management of the Medical Scheme;

·  Interpretation and application of personnel regulations, procedures and policy matters;

·  Co-ordinates training and development of staff;

·  Co-ordination of performance contracts,


The Unit is composed of two (2) Sections:-

a. Human Resource Development

b. Human Resource Management


Human Resource Development Section

The mandate of the Human Resource Development Section is the identification of training needs, preparation of training projections, general coordination of training activities, monitoring and evaluation of training programmes and performance management;-


Human Resource Management Section

The mandate of the Human Resource Management Section includes providing effective, efficient and timely operational support and guidance to management and staff to ensure that strategic and operational objectives are met.