The County Assemby Service Board (CASB)


1.  Hon Mohamed Hashim Salim - the Speaker/Chairperson

2. MCA Abdu Kassim Ahmed -the Leader of the Majority Party

3. MCA Paul Kimani Njuguna- the Leader of the Minority 

4. Ms. Sharifa Abubakar -Appointed by the County Assembly

5. Mr. Z. Mboche Wanyoike – Clerk of the Assembly/Secretary

Responsibilities of the County Assembly Service Board

  • Ensuring the necessary for the welfare  of the Members and staff of the County Assembly Service
  • Providing services and facilities to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of the Assembly
  • Constituting offices in the County Assembly Service, and appointing and supervising office holders;
  • Undertaking, singly or jointly with other relevant organizations, programmes to promote the ideals of parliamentary democracy.
  • Preparing annual estimates of expenditure of the county assembly service and submitting them to the county assembly for approval, and exercising budgetary control over the service;