Board Of Management

Mandate of the Board of Management

I. Purpose 

The main responsibility of the Board of Management is to oversee the management of business and affairs of the Assembly. In this regard, the Board establishes policies, reporting mechanisms and procedures in view of safeguarding the assets of the Assembly and ensuring its long-term viability, success and development.

II. Composition 

The composition of the Board is the Clerk of the Assembly and the Directors viz: The Deputy Clerk /Director Legislative Procedures and Committee Services, Director HR and Administration Services, Director ICT and Research, and Director Finance and Accounts.

III. Process and Operations 

The Board of Management meets at least one time per month.

IV. Mandate 

The Board of Management supervises the management of the business and affairs of the Assembly. In exercising this role, the Board fulfills the following responsibilities:

  1. Strategic Plan Implementation
  2. Policy-making
  3. Supervision over Assembly Staff
  4. Reporting & Disclosures
  5. Expenditure Management & Internal Controls
  6. Business Ethics, Compliance and Corporate Governance