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House Business Committee

This is one of the Housekeeping Committees that ensure that the Business of the Assembly is running smoothly. The House Business Committee is appointed within seven days on Assembly of a new Assembly. In nominating the Members to the House Business Committee, each Assembly party shall include its Whip into the membership. If, for any reason, a member of the House Business Committee  is  unable to  attend,  the  Leader  in  the Assembly  of  the  party  which  nominated  that Member  may  appoint  another  Member  in  that  Member’s  place  for  the period for which the Members unable to attend.

The committee shall be responsible for:

1. Prepare and if necessary, from time to time  adjust the Assembly calendar with the approval of the County Assembly;

2. Monitor and oversee the implementation of the County Assembly Business and programmes

3. Implement the Standing Orders respecting the scheduling or programming of the business  of the County Assembly and the functioning of the Committees of the County Assembly

4. Determine the order in which the reports of Committees shall be debated in the County Assembly;

5. Consider such matters as may from time to time arise in connection with the Business of the County Assembly and shall have and perform such powers and functions as are conferred on and ascribed to it by these Standing Orders or from time to time by the County Assembly.

6. May take decisions and issues directives and guidelines to prioritize or postpone any business of the County Assembly acting with the concurrence of the Leader of the Majority part, as the case may be.

Its current members are;


2. Vice Chair:  Hon. Azhar Ali Mbarak – DEPUTY SPEAKER

3. Hon. Abdu Kassim Ahmed- MAJORITY LEADER

4. Hon. Paul Kimani Njuguna – MINORITY LEADER

5. Hon. Zahara Shee Mohamed – MAJORITY WHIP

6. Hon. Anthony Njomo Maina- MINORITY WHIP

7. Hon. Husuni Alawi Husuni 

8. Hon. James Njuguna Komu Janko 

9. Hon. Mohamed Delo Nusura 

10. Hon. Omar M.S.  Lali 

11. Hon. Athman Mohamed Amin

12. Hon. Amina Kale Loo

13. Hon. Khadija Hamid