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County Budget and Appropriations Committee

The County Budget and Appropriate Committee consists of a Chairperson, and not more than eight other Members. The County Budget and Appropriations Committee constituted by the Assembly immediately following  the  general  election  serves  for  a  period of  three  calendar  years  and  that  constituted  there after  serves  for  the remainder of the  Assembly term.

The functions of the Committee are-

1.      Investigate, inquire into and report on all matters related to coordination, control and monitoring of the County Budget,

2.      Discuss and review the estimates and make recommendations to the County Assembly;

3.      Examine the County Budget Policy statement presented to the County Assembly;

4.      Examine Bills related to the National Budget, including Appropriations Bills;

5.      Evaluate tax estimates, economic and Budgetary policies and programs with direct Budget outlays.

Current members are:

1.        CHAIR:  HON. OMAR M.S.  LALI 

2.       Vice Chair:  Hon. Muthoni Monica  Marubu

3.       Hon. Abdu Kassim Ahmed – Majority Leader

4.      Hon. Paul Kimani Njuguna – Minority Leader

5.       Hon. Azhar Ali Mbarak  – Deputy Speaker

6.      Hon. Zahara Shee Mohamed

7.       Hon. Anthony Njomo Maina

8.      Hon. James Njuguna Komu Janko

9.      Hon. Mohamed Delo Nusura

10.    Hon. Athman Mohamed Amin

11.     Hon. Abass Famau Nagi

12.    Hon. Amina Kale Loo

13.    Hon. Ali Bakari Mohamed