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County Assembly Procedure And Rules Committee

The Assembly  Procedure  and  Rules  Committee  comprise the  Speaker  as Chairperson,  the Chairperson  of  Committees  and  not  more  than  three   other  Members.  It considers and reports on all matters relating to the Standing Orders.   The Committee may propose amendments to the Standing Orders.  Upon  approval  by  the  Assembly,  and  any  such amendments  take  effect  at  the  time appointed  by  the Assembly.  It  may also  propose  rules  for  the  orderly  and  effective  conduct  of Committee Business.  Upon the  approval  of  the Assembly,  any  such  rules  continue   enforce  until amended  or  repealed  by  the  Assembly.   These  rules  are annexed  to  the  Standing  Orders  and  are binding  upon  Committees  to  the Same extent as the Standing Orders.


According to the County Assembly Standing Orders, 188(3) to 188(6), the Committee shall-

1. Consider and report on all matters relating to these Standing Orders.

2. May propose amendments to these Standing Orders and any such amendments shall upon approval by the County Assembly, take effect at the time appointed by the County Assembly.

3. May propose rules for the orderly and effective conduct of Committee Business and any such rules, shall upon approval by the County Assembly, continue in force until amended or repealed by the County Assembly.

 Current members are:


2.  Vice Chair: Hon. Zahara Shee Mohamed

3.  Hon. Abass Famau Nagi

4.  Hon. Johanna Thuo Karanja

5.  Hon. Edith Wakuthii Munyui

6.  Hon. Muthoni Monica Marubu


7.   7.   Hon. Khadija  Hamid