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Committee on Appointments

According  to  the  Lamu  County  Assembly  Standing  Orders,  there  is   a Select  Committee  designated  the  Committee  on  Appointments  to be appointed  by  the  Assembly,  consisting  of  the  Speaker  as  a  Chairperson, the  Leader  of  the  Majority  Party,  the  Leader  of  the  Minority  Party  and three  other  Members  nominated  by  the  House  Business  Committee,  on the  basis  of  proportional  Party  Membership  in  the  Assembly  taking  into consideration  the  numerical  strength  of  the  Parties  and  interests  of Independent  Members.   The  Committee  on  Appointments  is  appointed within  seven  days  when   a  new  Assembly sits  and  serves  for  period  of three  years  and  that  appointed  thereafter  serve as  for  the  remainder  of  the term  of  the  Assembly.  The Committee on Appointments considers for approval by the Assembly, appointments under Articles 179(2) (Membersof CountyExecutiveCommittees).


Its current members are:


2. Hon. Abdu Kassim Ahmed –  Majority Leader

3. Hon. Azhar Ali Mbarak –  Deputy Speaker

4. Hon. Paul Kimani Njuguna – Minority Leader

5. Hon. Anthony Njomo Maina – Minority whip

6. Hon. Omar M.S.  Lali

7. Hon. Sauda Bamkuu Parua