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Finance And Planing

The Department of Finance and Accounting plays a pivotal role in ensuring prudent internal financial management is upheld within the County Assembly. It offers financial advice to County Assembly Service Board.

The mandate of the Department

· Formulization, interpretation and application of Accounting and Finance policy, procedures, rules and regulations as well as Public Procurement matters;

· Authorization of all expenditure for the County Assembly Service Board;

· Giving guidelines on all financial matters of the County Assembly;

· Overall preparation of CASB budget;

· Financial control of the County  Assembly;

· Planning and monitoring of Assembly programmes and projects;

· Evaluations of financial implications of major policy changes;

· Co-ordination of donor funding for the County Assembly;

· Accounting for the money allocated to the Assembly;

· Administration of the Personnel emoluments and estimates and expenditure control;

· Preparation of reports and proposals on compensation and benefits of the staff;

· Preparation of the payroll for the County Assembly;

· Management of the Pension Scheme;


The Department will be composed of a Division, a Section and two (2) Units namely,

· Finance Division

· Accounts Section

· Budget Office

· Internal Audit Unit

· Procurement Unit


Finance Division

The mandate of the Finance Division is to deal with financial and management of the Assembly Service and includes planning, budgeting, implementation and control expenditure.

Other key functions include the following:-

· Budget Preparation, implementation and control

· Authorization of all expenditures for the CASB

· Planning and monitoring of Assembly programmes and projects

· Ensuring proper management and expenditure of public funds as laid down in financial regulations and procedures

· Co-ordination flow of communication with the Treasury and other bodies in matters related to finance,

· Issuance of Authority to Incur Expenditures (AIEs)

· Giving direction and guidance on financial matters/regulations

· Playing an advisory role as a member of the various Administrative Committees in the Assembly Service

· Co-ordination of donor funding and evaluation of financial implications of major policy changes within the Assembly Service.


Accounts Section

The main functions of the Accounts Section include management of voted public funds in an economical manner to achieve desired goals, provision of information and reports for financial management, maintaining effective internal control system, preparation of Appropriation Accounts and other accounts, relying to audit queries and managing County Assembly bank Accounts.


Internal Audit Unit

Internal Audit Unit of the County Assembly Service Board, an independent Unit, is guided by the International standards of internal audit practice. The Public Finance Management Act 2012 Section 73, and I55 states that every national government and county entity shall maintain internal auditing arrangements respectively. The same entities are also required to establish an Audit Committee.


Procurement Unit

The Procurement Unit’s functions of the County Assembly Service Board are defined in the Public Procurement Act, 20005 and Regulations 2006.