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We have two types of committees namely;

  • Select committee 
  • Sectoral committee 



The County Assemblyof Lamu  has 10 Select Committees as set out in the Standing Orders namely;

1. County Assembly Business Committee

2. County Budget and Appropriations

3. County Public Investments and Accounts

4. Committee on Appointments

5. Committee on Selection 

6. Committee on Delegated County Legislation

7. Committee on Implementation  

8. County Assembly Procedure and Rules Committee

9. County Assembly Affairs and Catering Committee

10. Liaison Committee


Sectoral/Departmental commitees 

The County Assembly of Lamu  has 7 Sectoral Committees as set out in the standing orders namely; 

1. Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock and Co-op Development

2. Education, Youth Affairs, Sports and Culture

3. Finance and Planning   

4. Health, Social Services and Environment 

5. Inter-Governmental & Public Service

6. Lands, Water, Infrastructure and Natural Resources 

7. Trade, Tourism, Information and E-Government