About us

The Kenya Constitution established the legislative branch as one of the two coordinate pillars of the county government; the other pillar is the executive branch. Article 185 vests the legislative power in the county to the county assembly. The county assembly is responsible for determining general policy for the county and for the residents of the county through the enactment of laws. The power to enact laws is subject to the substantive and procedural limitations of the national constitution. Oversight of the actions of the executive branch in administering county programs is also vested in the assembly. This power, closely related to the power to make laws, is exercised in order to assure that legislative policy and intent are carried out. Review of administrative rules of the county executive committee departments and agencies by legislative oversight committees is an important exercise of this authority. The assembly and its committees also have the power to gather information and make such investigations as may be needed to enact laws.

The County Assembly of Lamu is part of a community of assemblies of the forty-seven counties established by the Constitution as part of the devolved system of government. Kenya’s devolution system is based on the supremacy of the constitution, sovereignty of the people and the principle of public participation. The need for devolution was informed by the necessity to share power, to have effective checks and balances in governance and the decentralization of resources.
County Assembly of Lamu is one of the most diverse county assemblies in the republic  – with nine (9) political parties being represented, 40% (forty-percent) female members and Persons with Disabilities. The Youth segment of our population is also well represented above the national average.  Members work very hard to ensure that the voices of our communities are heard and considered.

Hon. Mohamed Hashim Salim Fumo the first Speaker of the County Assembly of Lamu is a seasoned parliamentarian who served in the 8th Parliament. In the National Assembly he served as the Chair of the Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee prior to his appointment to the cabinet where he served as an assistant minister in several ministries.

Speaker Fumo was unanimously elected by Members to head and guide the County Assembly. The Speaker chairs the County Assembly Service Board and the House Business Committee. The Speaker has been able to ensure Members of the County Assembly participate in the Assembly business fittingly in their three core functions namely, representation, legislation and government oversight. As one of the County political leaders the Speaker plays a pivotal role in contributing to the success of devolution process in Lamu County.

The Speaker notes: “For efficient service delivery to our people I always ensure that the Assembly performs its core functions effectively - that of representation, legislation and oversight over the executive. Additionally, I strive to make the Assembly accessible and transparent in conformity with public participation provision as anchored in our supreme law”.